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Videha Sharma

NHS Surgeon & Digital Health Researcher, University of Manchester

The beaming bearded face of Videha standing in front of the beautiful landscape of a riverbank.

About Videha Sharma

Videha is a surgeon in the NHS with a PhD in Health Informatics. His research includes applying user-centred design principles in healthcare. He works closely with the digital health software team at the University of Manchester on real-world projects that look at bringing the benefits of technology to patients and citizens.

Through their work, they have identified the value of design in healthcare. Videha and his team regularly codesign with doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to prototype user interfaces that meet the unique workflow requirements of complex health services.

Videha’s blend across design and healthcare brings a unique perspective to how we improve health and social care in the NHS and other health systems across the world. Originally from The Netherlands, Videha is now settled in Manchester with his young family and is looking forward to learning and growing with the UX community.

UX in healthcare: how prototyping informs design

Healthcare is an increasingly complex industry. People today live longer, but often with multiple chronic health conditions requiring care across multiple settings. In this talk, Videha will explore how an open culture of shared ideation and trust is required to design healthcare services to meet these increasingly challenging demands.

Through a real-world use case around chronic kidney disease and transplantation, Videha will share how codesign and early prototyping with front-line healthcare professionals helped inform technical requirements for health IT solutions. Finally, he will conclude how the healthcare industry needs the UX community to provide the qualitative and creative attributes to support digital transformation and improve care and outcomes for patients.

Videha spoke on day one, June 28th

Day one focused on preparing. Build the right thing …informed by research.