UX London 2022 is over—please join us for UX London 2023!

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Reasons to attend

Get up to speed on the state of UX

When you’re caught up in day-to-day work, it can be really hard to know what’s happening in the wider world of UX design. Keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry can be a full time job!

That’s why UX London is the perfect chance to get up to speed with the current state of UX. You’ll hear from the best speakers sharing their insights which will get you up-to-date on the most important topics of today.

The audience at UX London, captivated by a speaker on stage.

Get hands-on training in workshops

Each morning at UX London features a curated line-up of top-notch speakers to get you inspired. But we don’t just give you a dose of inspiration. After an excellent lunch, there’s an afternoon of hands-on workshops so that you can level up your skills.

This is the perfect mix! A whole day of talks might be too much to take and a whole day of workshops might be too intense but by mixing them like this, you get the best of both worlds. Get fired up in the morning and then learn new skills in the afternoon.

Attendees gathered around a table at a workshop.

Immerse yourself in three days of non-stop learning

The best way to experience UX London is to come for all three days. The flow of the topics mirrors the design process itself: preparation, then creation, then iteration.

This intense immersion into the full spectrum of design is like a UX bootcamp. These three days are guaranteed to level you up.

A speaker on stage at UX London in front of a slide declaring, if you’re not anticipating people’s needs then you’re not doing UX.

Spend quality time with your peers

The past two years have been a lonely time. We’ve done our best with screen-based activities but nothing beats getting together with your peers.

You’ll have unplanned conversations with your fellow designers and form unexpected friendships. Remember, everyone at UX London cares about design just as much as you do—they can’t wait to meet you!

UX London attendees between talks, getting to know each other.

Have fun on the banks of the Thames

UX London isn’t taking place in some stuffy conference centre on the outskirts of town. You’ll be in Tobacco Dock, a lively hub in the heart of London.

This is the perfect location to reconnect with the UX community! After each day of learning, you’ll be in just the right spot to continue your conversations into the London summertime evenings.

Tower Bridge at dusk.

It’s a Clearleft event

UX London isn’t run by some faceless events company. UX London is a labour of love by Clearleft, the UK’s leading design transformation consultancy.

UX London is our flagship event, where we curate a line up of talks and workshops that we want to attend!

We’ve been part of the UX community for over fifteen years, and UX London is our way of giving back …as well as our way of getting the best and brightest UX designers together in one place.

We’re proud of each and every UX London so far, and it just keeps getting better:

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009

Clearleft staff and volunteers greeting attendees at registration.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I came. I listened. I stayed. Great event, great speakers, great crowd, great venue. Learn, network. enjoy!
—Don Norman
A killer combo of program and networking; my mind is still buzzing!
—Louis Rosenfeld
I had high expec­ta­tions, but was won­der­ing if it would be as good as I heard. I was wrong, it was even better!
—UX London attendee
What I find to be real­ly spe­cial about UX Lon­don is that there’s such a broad com­mu­ni­ty of peo­ple from dif­fer­ent back­grounds here.
—UX London speaker
UX Lon­don is real­ly well thought through – the expe­ri­ence is fantastic!
—UX London sponsor
It’s a fan­tas­tic event, prob­a­bly the best one for UXers there is.
—UX London attendee
I was seri­ous­ly impressed. From the qual­i­ty of the speak­ers to the qual­i­ty of the food, it was the most impres­sive con­fer­ence I’ve been to.
—UX London attendee