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Cennydd Bowles

Managing Director, NowNext

Cennydd faces the camera in front of shelves lined with interesting design objects.

About Cennydd Bowles

Cennydd Bowles is head of responsible design and innovation studio NowNext, author of Future Ethics, and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art. He has spoken on responsible innovation at Facebook, Stanford University, and Google, and his views on technology ethics have been quoted in The Guardian, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal.

What could go wrong?

Want to design more responsible, ethical products? If so, you need to understand how your decisions might harm others. This workshop will introduce anticipatory techniques from strategic foresight, practical ethics, and even science fiction to explore the unintended consequences of design. You’ll learn new ways to anticipate ethical risks, so you can stop them before they happen.

Cennydd will deliver this workshop on day one, June 28th

Day one focused on preparing. Build the right thing …informed by research.