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Julia Belling

Product Design Manager, Zalando Se

Julia looking off to the side as she stands on an overpass above train tracks in an urban setting.

About Julia Belling

Julia is a Product Design Manager at Zalando Lounge. Her responsibilities stretch from team leadership over growing and nurturing their LUX design system to connecting Product and Brand strategy by creating an inspiring vision. Wherever there is a seed she sees a tree. She loves revealing the potential in projects and people. She finds purpose in guiding and unblocking naturally existing paths to reach this potential.

After studying communication design and creative advertising she began her career as a digital designer in London in 2009. She worked in different digital, ad, brand and service design agencies growing and learning always with a focus on customer centric design. In 2017 she moved to Berlin and joined Zalando.

She is not only a product design manager but also a mum of 2, an art lover and sailing enthusiast.

Design systems jam

The design systems jam is built on the idea of musical jam sessions, informal relaxed events where experts build on each other’s themes and create new inspiring outcomes, while having a lot of fun. The workshop will be led by design systems leaders from the Zalando Product Design Community. There are 3 preset themes they will share knowledge on, do hands-on experiments and jam on together. This workshop will be led by Julia Belling, Layla Martins and Petra Blazincic.


  1. Accessibility foundations and enablement

    A design system can be a catalyst driving accessibility for your product, bringing it to the next level and operationalising it. Get insights on the foundations to consider and how to move from auditing and fixing issues to a long term solution with cross functional enablement.

  2. Usability of your design system

    A design system is a product with many internal users. How can your processes and the actual components become user centric, driving adoption and supporting the design and development process best.

  3. Integration of design system enablement in the product development process

    Enabling teams to use design systems to its full potential and at the same time keep innovating, improving the product and in the end also the design system.

Julia will deliver this workshop on day three, June 30th

Day three focused on growing. Scale product design with design systems.