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Giles Turnbull

Director, Use the human voice

A stark monochrome shot of a tight-lipped bestubbled Giles looking intently right at you. Either he’s trying to look intense or he’s just surprised.

About Giles Turnbull

Giles helps organisations communicate more like humans do: clearly, briefly, creatively. He’s a writer, editor, trainer, consultant and coach.

Writing for people who hate writing

If the thought of writing fills you with dread, come to this workshop. If you often have to write things for work, and you'd rather look at spreadsheets because they're more fun, come to this workshop. If you feel like you can't words, but you often have to words, come to this workshop.

During the afternoon, we will:

  • lower the bar, so that writing feels less stressful
  • discover the joy of bad first drafts, to free up creative thinking
  • look at examples of good writing, so you know what to aim for
  • actually try writing things, and make it feel like fun

There will be no bad sentences, only good sentences we can make even better.

Giles will deliver this workshop on day two, June 29th

Day two focused on creating. Build the thing right …starting with content.