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Amy Hupe

Content Designer and Design Systems Consultant

Amy similing, looking directly at the camera.

About Amy Hupe

For the past 5 years, Amy has worked on design systems for some of the biggest names around, including Gov.uk, BT, Springer Nature and Babylon Health.

Whether she’s leading systems work or designing content, Amy works to champion simplicity and inclusion in the face of increasing complexity.

Design systems for humans

Are we becoming too rigid in how we define design systems?

Design tokens, components, patterns, code and design libraries, documentation websites, and design tools: building design systems has never felt more like a checklist of outputs to deliver.

But what if we saw those things as tools to help us, not criteria that constrain us? And by not doing so, what are we missing out on?

In this talk, Amy will invite you to expand your definition of design systems to include the messy, complicated and human stuff that holds the power to transform them.

Amy spoke on day three, June 30th

Day three focused on growing. Scale product design with design systems.